Monday, 30 April 2007

Making a post on your own blog and telling Purple Coo about it

When you are in your own blog, in the top right corner you will see your email address and next to it a link for Dashboard; click on Dashboard and it will take you to a page similar to the one below (which is only a part of that resulting Dashboard page):

This Dashboard shows you what blogs you have the rights to post on. (If you click on the picture it will take you to a larger size, where, hopefully, you can actually read what I've written.) If it doesn't, the first comment, in red, is, this will be the title of your own blog. The second comment is, this is where you click to post a new blog on your own blog page.

If you want to write a blog on your own blog page, click on the green + sign and New Post listed for your own blog page and you will be taken to where you can write a Post (for which read a new posting), which will appear to everyone else who visits your site as a blog, because it will be a posting you have made on your own site.

Then, having written and posted that, you can go to the coochat.blogspot site and announce, by making a comment on the single post on that site, that you've blogged.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Retrieving your blogs from elsewhere

Just been over to who gives a duck to experiment with blog retrieval. Mandy is creeping up the rated blogs list, closely followed by Milly - all we need now is a Molly on the scene and they'll have it all wrapped up. EJ is still top of the tree for the moment, though.

I wrote all the stuff below, and believe me it takes a lot lot longer to write than to do, so don't be put off, only to discover that the Janitor has given a solution already on his page here. And by the way, highlighting by dragging the cursor DOES copy over photos as well, at least on a PC. By all means, if his method's easier, go for it, but having typed what I've typed I'm not going to delete it all now, and you're welcome to read it.

Step 1.
Open a blank Word document.

Step 2.
Easiest (relatively speaking) way to retrieve your blogs is to find your pages on that site, then positon your cursor at the start of the first one on the page (which will be the most recent one on that page) - see pic below, the writing in red says Cursor should look like this, NOT an arrow.

Selection of page showing starting position of cursor

Then, left mouse click on that position, let go and move down the page to where you want to finish cutting, aim your cursor at the end point, hold down the Shift key and left mouse click again, STILL HOLDING DOWN THE SHIFT KEY. This will (should) highlight the section you want, which is the wordage in the middle section of the page and not all the bumf on either side - it will also include any photographs/images/avatars you have on your blog - see pic below.

Selection of page showing highlighted content

Right click and choose Copy (or CTRL-C, or under the Edit menu choose copy), go to your Word document and Paste (rightclick/Paste, or CTRL-V, or Edit/Paste). It will be in small size font, but you can then go through and move things about and change sizes etc, now it's at your computer. Then, you're free to post it as a blog or blogs on your own site, where you can put it in the right order.

Alternatively, open a New Post on your blog site and paste directly into there, where it will be a readable size.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Posting avatars that show up on CC&W


What we are referring to as an avatar in this particular instance is NOT an avatar; an avatar is an icon (image or symbol) which can be placed next to your name in a forum, as happened in the other place when we posted on chatrooms. What we want/would like to happen, at Children Chocolate & Wine, is to have the picture we use for our avatar to appear with each post we make - n'est-ce pas? And not just next to any comments about posts, which is what happens at the moment with the images we've put in the URL picture link on our Blogger profiles.

The only way I've found of adding the image to each post is by uploading the image each time I post; sometimes I forget and then it's not there, but I'm training myself to remember. I've also added a clickable link to my blog next to the picture, and I have to remember to do that each time as well.

Adding clickable links

When you write a Post on a blog, as opposed to a comment, below is part of the screen you should see, whether you've got a PC, a Mac or a NacMacFeegal, (though if you've got one of them, I should count your whisky bottles, and your white spirit bottles, before you go to bed). The symbol to click on for adding a clickable link is circled in red.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Can blogs be edited?

Prompted by a posting on purple coo, I'm doing a very brief blog to se if it can be edited once I've hit the publish button.

And that's all folks.


Yes, they can, click on the pencil symbol next to the comments word. (Only if you're the blog owner, of course)