Friday, 4 May 2007

Putting the link to your blog in a comment

If you want to put a link to your blog in a comment you make, say on the Announcement page at , you need to use the HTML code that's available. DON'T PANIC! It's not difficult, it takes longer to write than to do.

1. On your blog page, in the address bar at the top, right click and choose copy;
2. Go to the Announcement page and type your announcement. DON'T PUBLISH
3. Put the cursor just before the word/s you want to use to be the linking text and type <a href=" (the < symbol is next to the 'm')
4. After the = sign, paste the address you copied then type > (the > symbol is next to the < symbol)
5. After your linking words, type </a> (the / symbol is next to the > symbol)
6. Preview to see it looks like a link and shows you the address when you hover over it.
7. Publish


lita o'peat said...

hi jacko, I've just added your URL to the TECHNICAL SUPPORT label on the CCW page and I'm just about to do the same on the coochat/messages page. Your help is greatly appreciated as I haven't really got a clue about windows/pc. While I'm here you might be able to sort out my own problem which relates to the above subject. After trying to insert HTML myself into comments boxes unsuccessfully I referred to your instructions. I've actually included it here but it doesn't show up in the preview. Is this a Mac thing?

lita o'peat said...

Hi Jacko
I've just been buggering about and I've found that conventional methods for inserting html don't work on our macs. The url has to be repeated after the first phrase (a")then the normal endtag. This is the same for comments and posts.

:0) Lita

jackofall said...

Bearing in mind that a large chunk of the www is wrtitten using Macs, I'd be surprised if 'conventional methods for inserting html' didn't work: <a href=websiteurl> before the text to be the link and </a> after it. As in Coochat.

It is the case that some places you need to put "url" after the <a href, but not on comments, so Coochat doesn't work - no, I'm wrong, both methods work for me.

lita o'peat said...

Whatever; conventional methods quite definitely don't work on my mac which is less than 3 months old and has the latest os. It wouldn't have been a syntax error either as I used the auto system in the posting dialogue and got the same error code (tag is broken etc). The target url has to be included or the tag is rejected by the system in both Safari and Firefox browsers. I can't even type "'arrow'a href" on its own without it being rejected. So you can see how different the os is.