Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Adding clickable links

When you write a Post on a blog, as opposed to a comment, below is part of the screen you should see, whether you've got a PC, a Mac or a NacMacFeegal, (though if you've got one of them, I should count your whisky bottles, and your white spirit bottles, before you go to bed). The symbol to click on for adding a clickable link is circled in red.


lita o'peat said...

Crivens, we don't get any of that stuff below the title box. And I've had it with the NacMacFeegles. They keep on nicking my shoes.

. . . and it's litre, cos I've been transplanting a lot of young willows and the bags of peat I use to dig them in are measured in litres.


jackofall said...

Good god, man, I thought UK time was an hour behind us here in France, but your post says 2:04 PM! That can't be right!

Don't know what your problem is with the Mac, then, ummmm...

Anonymous said...

Ahh, just found where I should have posted this comment (posted comment on the main blog earlier, probably won't be seen by anyone...)

The buttons don't work in Safari on a Mac. Firefox is fine (and better anyway ;-)

nonnymouse aka brownmouse hubbie

CAMILLA said...

Hi Jackofall,
I have left a message on Westerwitch, re my blogging, HELP!!
Thank You Jackofall.