Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Firefox extensions

What you use to view pages on the internet is called your internet browser and, for the moment, the most popular internet browser in use is Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). Version 8 of IE has recently come out (you'll see references to IE8 here and there, to distinguish it from previous versions, IEs 3, 4 5, 5.5, 6 and 7) and has apparently solved a lot of problems that earlier versions gave with viewing certain web sites as they were intended to be viewed by those who designed them.

Another internet browser, available on the open-source(=FREE) market, is Mozilla Firefox, known more often simply as Firefox or FF. This is now in version 3.5 (it's been round less time than IE) and Firefox users on both Windows and Mac platforms (ie, operating systems) are becoming more and more common among leisure-based computer users; people often find it simpler to use, less prone to crashing and more adaptable. 6 Reasons why Firefox is safe compared to Internet Explorer is an article that may help you decide if you haven't already made the change.

Firefox also has add-ons and extensions; think of these as bits of kit to make it more functional and useful. A recent list of 10 Firefox add-ons it's good to have has been put out and it's well worth a look. For bloggers and forum users, a particularly good one to have, and one I use almost daily, is BBCode - check it out, and the others.

Safe surfing!


mountainear said...

For what it's worth - I'm a Firefox fan.

Withy Brook said...

Thank you Jacko for the reasons for getting Firefox. I have had it twice before but could not get on with it, so got rid of it again! I do understand about it being safer, so will think about it again.

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